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15th July 2024 

Contact Details

1. You can contact either by e-mail or telephone.

Tel number: mobile 07734065945

E-mail address:

2. You may get an answer phone message if I am unavailable. If so please leave your name, contact number or e-mail address, and some indication of how you would like to be contacted. If you wish to be contacted by phone you should indicate the best time for me to call you back for an initial discussion.If you wish to be contacted by e-mail please indicate the nature of your concerns and any enquiries you may have.

3. I will get back to you as soon as possible. In most cases this will be within 24hrs. I will do my best to ring you at the time you specify.

4. We will have a short telephone consultation when you can ask questions and outline the broad nature of your concerns. We will discuss your goals and your expectations of therapy.

5.Any information you give will be treated as confidential

6. If you decide that you would like to meet for an initial session we will make arrangements regarding times, and venue.